TMJ Treatment - Tampa, FL

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If you’re searching for relief from jaw pain, look no further than Dr. Douglas Genninger, a trustworthy dentist with a longstanding reputation for excellence in the community. With more than two decades of experience helping patients throughout the Tampa Bay area find relief from conditions of the jaw and mouth, Dr. Genninger has the expertise necessary to provide you with a personalized plan for TMJ treatment in Tampa, FL.

TMJD, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, can cause symptoms like headaches, pain, and tenderness in the jaw, ear aches, difficulty chewing, or spontaneous lockage of the joint itself. If you suffer from TMJD, you’re likely no stranger to these symptoms and others. Dr. Genninger can evaluate your condition and create a TMJ treatment plan that may alleviate your symptoms.

Our dental practice is also proud to offer a comprehensive range of preventative, rehabilitative, and cosmetic dentistry services in Tampa, FL. So whether you need an exam, cleaning, and X-rays, or you would like a full mouth rehabilitation, complete with veneers, crowns, or bridgework, Dr. G’s office is your one-stop shop for a better smile.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our dentist and discuss your TMJ treatment options in Tampa, FL or any of our other dental services.

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