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Laser Dentistry Is Safe and Effective

If you have ever felt like postponing a dental procedure because of anxiety over the potential for a painful, lengthy recovery period, laser dentistry is for you. Douglas G. Genninger, D.D.S., P.A., has been successfully using laser dentistry in Tampa, FL, to treat patients who need crowns and bridges, frenectomy, and fibroma removal. Dr. Genninger prefers the BIOLASE ezlase™ diode laser, a high performance tool that eliminates the need for scalpels and sutures, delivering improved results and faster healing times.

What Are the Benefits of BIOLASE ezlase™?

  • Greater comfort for you, the patient, through reduced heat
  • Less invasive–no incisions or stitches needed
  • Versatile tool can be utilized for soft-tissue surgery, like fibroma removal, teeth whitening, or pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation, discomfort, and bleeding, both during and after the procedure
  • Speedier healing times
  • Typically requires only topical anesthetic

Procedures Enhanced by Laser Dentistry

Placement of crowns and bridges: When you need restorative dentistry, like a crown or a bridge, your gum line may need to be altered to increase symmetry or in an effort to prepare for the custom restoration. This is especially likely if you have a tooth that has been broken or fractured. Dr. Genninger may use the laser to prepare the soft tissue around the tooth that is getting a crown or the ones that will serve as anchors for your bridge.

Fibroma removal: Fibrous or connective tissue can create a benign tumor called a fibroma. These non-cancerous fibroids may be removed safely and effectively with laser dentistry. The accuracy of the laser allows our dentist to remove the fibroma while preserving more of the healthy tissue that surrounds it.

Frenectomy: A simple fold of tissue can restrain movement of your tongue, negatively impacting your ability to eat and speak properly. Our laser can gently cut through the tissue and cauterize it immediately, freeing your tongue while reducing the likelihood of post-procedure inflammation and infection.

If you need restorative dentistry or soft tissue treatments, like fibroma removal, call Dr. Genninger before you schedule any procedures. Our experienced dentist can treat your condition with greater convenience and less discomfort with laser dentistry in Tampa, FL. Call our office for your consultation today!

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