Published: 12/16/2019

Teeth Grinding and TMJ

Teeth grinding may be a symptom of an underlying disease, but it also may occur because of anxiety or abnormal alignment of the jaw. Another common reason for this is TMJ disorder. This is a disorder that affects the TMJ, which is the joint that allows movement of the jaw.

If you find yourself suffering in the morning from jaw discomfort you should seek help from a dental professional, as teeth grinding may lead to other oral cavity problems.

It is common that people grind their teeth and there is no underlying issue. Situational anxiety or stress can cause jaw clenching or grinding of the teeth in the night. If teeth grinding is noticeable to you, and it is causing major discomfort, you may be experiencing a misaligned jaw or TMJ disorder, your doctor will be able to provide a treatment plan specifically for you, to alleviate your pain.

If you are grating your teeth, a night guard may be your perfect solution. Night guards provide a cushion in between the teeth, which stops the clenching or grinding to happen. This also eliminates stress on the teeth, which will counter chipping teeth or cracking them. This may be a solution your doctor provides you as well, depending on your specific situation.

If you are suffering from teeth grinding, it is always a good idea to see your dental professional for help. Your dentist will be able to run tests and provide an optimal solution for you. They will also be able to help you if anything else is an issue, like oral diseases. Schedule a consultation with your doctor to ensure you maintain good oral health and hygiene. It is important to make sure you find your underlying cause, so you do not cause any other issues to your oral cavity.

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