Published: 07/25/2019


The temporomandibular joint is an essential component of the framework of a person’s face. Its main function is to allow you to open and close your mouth without problems. Constant teeth grinding or facial trauma can cause you to experience a serious problem with your “TMJ”. This issue is called Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Everyone must recognize the signs to ensure if they need to see an oral specialist.


Patients dealing with this particular disorder experience considerable discomfort and often tenderness near the jaw joint, neck, and shoulders. At times the pain can move throughout the facial region extending into the ears. Typically, the pain is more pronounced when an individual is chewing or yawns. Over the counter painkillers can provide a level of relief, but the only means to rid one’s self of the pain is to seek treatment from a professional practitioner.


Tetanus is a common side effect that is an uncomfortable problem that makes it hard for individuals to open up or close their mouths. An individual might need to avoid specific foods due to the inability of proper jaw function. Likewise, lockjaw can happen as a result of joint inflammation and fibromyalgia, so it is crucial to get examined to figure out the origin.

Grating Sounds

Discomfort from the disorder is frequently accompanied by sounds of popping, clicking or grating coming from the jaw. These noises typically happen any time you chew and is frustrating when trying to perform everyday functions.


Many people with a TMJ condition might experience swelling on at least one side of the face. This is a result of the inflammation within the infected joint. Ice packs can aid in reducing the swelling, yet if it is persistent you should speak with a dentist.

See a Specialist As Soon As Possible

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