Published: 02/26/2018

Are you one of the millions of Americans that fear visits to the dentist? Even the sounds of drilling or the smell of the office can send some adults into anxiety overdrive when they think about treatment. The problem with this is that many of their dental problems go untreated, which can create serious problems down the line. At Genninger Dental, we have created a calming, comfortable atmosphere for our patients to relax in, but we go a step further by offering sedation dentistry to those who continue to struggle.

Forms of Sedation

At Dr. Genninger’s office in Tampa, FL, we have several ways to help you relax before an assessment or treatment. The type of sedation depends on the treatment you are having and the level of anxiety you feel.

  • Nitrous oxide: You may have heard of nitrous oxide referred to as laughing gas in the dentist’s office. The gas is applied with a mask over the face, and the gas is breathed in through the nose. This helps the patient relax and stay calm during treatment, and the effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed.
  • Oral sedation: Before your treatment, you may be given a pill to take to help you relax. Typically, you will be given a medication an hour before your treatment. The medication may make you drowsy but will keep you away during treatment.
  • IV moderate sedation: With IV sedation, drugs are administered right into the veins with an IV, rather than waiting for them to take effect orally. The drugs set in quickly and the dentist can constantly adjust the sedation level.
  • General anesthesia and deep sedation: Those who have extreme anxiety or intense treatment may be put under general anesthesia or deep sedation. This puts you completely asleep during the procedure, and then you are gradually awakened as the anesthesia is tapered off or reversed.

Some patients are entirely comfortable with nitrous oxide, while others rely on a deeper level of sedation to get the treatments they need. Call our office today to schedule a consultation to discover how you can get over your fear of the dentist and have a pleasant experience when you visit.

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