Published: 10/20/2015

In 2014, the Surgeon General’s office put out the first report on the relationship between oral health and general health, which highlighted the association between chronic health problems and good oral hygiene. Your general dentist in Tampa, FL not only helps you have a beautiful smile, but can help you manage chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

The Relationship Between Oral Care and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects every system in your body, and periodontal disease is listed as a complication. However, the relationship goes the other way. Having periodontal disease is a risk factor in being diagnosed with diabetes. Gum disease is an infection that makes it difficult for your body to control the blood glucose levels. Diabetics often have a dry mouth, which is another complication that leads to poor oral health. Don’t forget to see your general dentist for professional oral hygiene and good oral care.

Cardiovascular Disease and Oral Health

Research indicates that having periodontal disease increases the risk of strokes, both the fatal and non-fatal types, by two-fold. In another study that lasted for 14 years, the risk of having coronary heart disease (CHD) increased by 25 percent in patients with periodontal disease. Men over 50 years old or those who smoke have an even higher risk of CHD when they have gum disease. Taking care of your mouth is important to your overall health.

Protect Your Health

Make an appointment with Dr. Douglas Genninger, DDS by calling 813-968-4808. Our office provides a free exam and x-rays for new patients with a cleaning, putting you on the road to good oral health. It’s not just about having white teeth, which gives you more confidence, but about your entire body and well-being. Maintain your smile while caring for your health and keeping your teeth. Make your dentist in Tampa, FL part of your healthcare team.

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