Published: 10/20/2014

Most patients avoid the dentist because they are afraid of the discomfort they might experience or an expensive procedure they might need to have. While it is understandable that there is an underlying fear of the unknown, I always encourage my patients to consider the alternative: avoiding the dentist typically leads to tooth discomfort from bad decay, worsened dental problems and the need for more expensive procedures. Most procedures are less expensive when a dental problem is caught early.

If you are having trouble with tooth sensitivity and discomfort, you may be in need of a root canal. The actual root canal cost will depend on what exactly you need to have done during the procedure.

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Weakened Teeth: It is important to understand that when your tooth decays to the point of needing a root canal, it is somewhat hollowed out. This makes the tooth very fragile and may need to be repaired or strengthened.

Specific Tooth: Root canal cost will also depend on which tooth needs the repairs. Molars and premolars, for example, are more difficult to treat and will cost you more than canine or incisor teeth in a typical procedure.

Dental Insurance: If you are covered by a dental plan, you will likely have root canals covered. This typically cuts the cost of the procedure in half for most of my patients.

Complications: It is also difficult to know ahead of time what exactly the procedure will require for your mouth specifically. When performing a root canal, we will need to take x-rays, apply an anesthetic, remove the damaged pulp, clean the root canal of bacteria, seal the canal and fix the tooth. You might also need a crown or have something that makes the process more difficult, like having excessively curved roots. All of these things will add to the final cost determination.

Repeated Procedure: A root canal will fix the problem, but could occur again with poor dental hygiene. I warn my patients after a procedure that reinfection could occur with poor care. Needing a repeated procedure is not only hard on the tooth, it is often more expensive than the first time around.

Remember, it’s important to get procedures done as early along as possible – reducing the amount of damage that needs to be dealt with. Check out this related document on root canals for more information and tips on your oral health.

If you believe you are in need of a root canal in Tampa, FL schedule an evaluation with our dentist today.

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