Published: 10/20/2014

In my profession we hate to say it, but sometimes dental procedures can go terribly wrong. If you had a root canal done, you could have the unfortunate experience of suffering from a bad procedure. Root canal complications are frustrating for both the patient and the dentist, since we want to help you have the best experience possible with each visit.

What is a Bad Root Canal?

It is possible the restoration leaked, an extra canal was missed (leaving infected tissue under your tooth) or the materials didn’t seal properly. Root canals are typically routine procedures we complete on a very regular basis, but when they go bad, patients suffer and we all cringe.

Root canal complications can often be repaired, but it is best when it can be caught and treated as soon as possible. Left untreated, a bad root canal will cause further damage to the already damaged tooth.

Symptoms Your Root Canal Could Have a Problem

After a root canal, you should be symptom-free. If you are still experiencing the same kind of problems that you did before the procedure, you probably have root canal complications. Symptoms include prolonged pain, severe discomfort, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures (may last longer than 15 minutes after hot or cold substance has been removed), pain from chewing or swollen gums that hurt when poked.

I remind my patients that the root canal itself will cause some of the symptoms, but they should lessen over the next few days – not worsen. If, after an initial healing period of around two weeks, the pain doesn’t lessen and the swelling hasn’t receded, there might be a complication with the procedure. You should also have your root canal checked out if you run a fever shortly after your procedure.

What Should You Do With a Bad Root Canal?

If you are concerned about your root canal procedure, you will want to schedule a follow-up appointment with your dentist or oral surgeon. The earlier your dentist is able to examine your bad root canal, the easier it will be to correct for you. Here is more information on root canals and related procedures to help you with your questions and concerns!

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