Published: 01/07/2015

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you are looking for a bright smile and a properly aligned teeth line, then you should consider full mouth reconstruction. This procedure is performed to restore and redesign your oral cavity by changing the alignment of teeth, upper and lower jaws, and simultaneously rebuilding the appearance of your teeth. In short, the full mouth reconstruction is performed to improve dental health, tooth alignment, and the appearance of your smile. Usually, such a procedure involves a number of steps and small procedures. I will perform restorative procedures, including crowns, veneers, bridges and mini implants to perform the full mouth reconstruction. The type of procedures may vary from patient to patient. I will decide what type of procedure you will need for a complete smile makeover or a full mouth restoration. In short, a full mouth restoration is a combination of certain dental procedures that helps in improving your smile and the overall health of your oral cavity. This procedure also includes some cosmetic dental surgeries and therapies for tooth and jaw alignment reconstruction.

Who should go for this procedure?

Many individuals face issue due to crowding of teeth, jaw misalignment, gum soreness, and broken teeth. Such dental problems can lead to jaw soreness, tooth pain, headaches, migraines, and even difficulty in chewing. In addition, crowding and misalignment can also lead to severe mouth pain, tooth decay and even periodontal disease. Those with several worn down and missing teeth can also opt for this procedure. Full mouth restoration is the solution for these dental problems. In fact, it can help you feel better and more confident about your look and smile.

Types of Treatments Involved:

I usually decide the exact procedures you will need for a full mouth restoration. You need to remember that this procedure is unique for each patient. While I may add a few more restorative procedures for you, I might not do the same for another patient who opts for a full mouth restoration. I would have to evaluate your teeth, gum, and oral health before deciding the type of dental treatment plan you will need. Here are some of the common procedures involved in a full mouth restoration treatment plan.

Root canal treatment and tooth filling
Veneers and braces
Root planning and scaling
Jaw re-alignment and bite repositioning
Using mouthguard or night guard for shaping teeth
Using dental crown
Onlays and inlays
Dental implants or a dental bridge
Teeth cleaning and whitening
Dental bonding
Teeth restorative surgery in case of periodontal disease

Where Do I Begin?

After I check and evaluate your oral cavity, we will set up a treatment phase for you. Detail evaluations also include X-ray, dental scan, and even a few 3D scan and imaging procedures. All these evaluations are done in order to find the exact problem in your tooth and jaw. These imaging procedures help me examine your gum and teeth thoroughly so I can prescribe the right and accurate restoration procedures for you. I will also let you know about the type of procedures you will need and the time frame for the entire treatment plan. Based on the treatment plan, you can find the coverage by your insurance for the entire procedure. Full mouth restoration procedures will take a longer amount of time if the number of procedures involved is more. Contact us to find out more on the details in each procedure so that you can plan a suitable time to begin the treatment.

Full Mouth Reconstruction covers a wide array of dental procedures. Click the following links or contact our office to learn more about Root Canals and Dental Implants!

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