Published: 08/30/2019

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile? Have you ever cracked or chipped a tooth that hinders you from smiling in pictures? Do you ever suffer from toothaches that hurt so bad it limits your eating habits? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions or happen to experience any other major dental problems, then you should look into receiving a cosmetic dental treatment as a solution to correcting your specific issue.

Dr. Douglas G. Genninger of Douglas G. Genninger, D.D.S., PA located in Tampa, Florida offers a variety of cosmetic dental procedures. These solutions allow you to achieve the aesthetic you’ve always wanted for your smile while simultaneously achieving better oral health.

Here are a few of the choices that Dr. Genninger offers:

1.) Teeth whitening

This therapy will turn your teeth eight times whiter than your original teeth. The procedures time will rely on the type of therapy you require. There are two types of treatments: laser therapy in addition to a gel tray treatment.

2.) Dental bridges

Missing teeth can also be fixed by receiving a dental bridge procedure. This is the method where a prosthetic tooth is placed in the area of a missing tooth. It uses two crowns for stability that are placed on the neighboring teeth.

3.) Dental implants

One of the most popular cosmetic replacement procedures for a missing tooth is embedding an artificial root to the jaw of a patient. A prosthetic tooth is placed over the embedded root to replace the missed tooth and restore the complete set.

4.) Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an additional choice for oral contouring and resizing. A personalized tooth-like shell is put over the front of your tooth, making them aligned as well as lighten up together. It likewise loads spaces in between your teeth by resizing the veneers to fit respectively if you have some gapped teeth.

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Keep in mind, there are several different cosmetic dental treatments for solutions to several different dental problems so it helps to understand the differences of each. Do you want to learn more about the other procedures we offer at Douglas G. Genninger, D.D.S., PA?

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