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Same-Day Restorations

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) is a dental restoration process using a certified machine and proprietary CAD/CAM software that lets Dr. Genninger and his team perform a variety of dental restoration procedures in a single office visit including crowns, veneers, bondings, and inlays and onlays.

CEREC same day dental crowns  are made of high-tech composite materials with no metal at all and the material can be exactly matched to the color of your teeth for an incredibly natural look. Patients often choose these restorations due to their natural appearance and the speed at which they can be constructed. Since these crowns are constructed in-house from our own CEREC milling machine, patients can typically receive their new restoration in as little as an hour. Traditional crowns are constructed at dental labs in another location and can often take weeks to complete, plus a follow-up appointment to have the new crown placed. CEREC technology allows our patients to avoid long wait times, additional appointments and uncomfortable temporary crowns. You will be able to provide direct feedback to Dr. Genninger and changes can be made in-office to ensure you have the perfect fit.  

Dental crowns are often used to restore damaged teeth, protect teeth treated with a root canal, or cap a dental implant. CEREC crowns are designed to mimic your original tooth shape, structure and color. This allows them to blend in seamlessly with your smile and provide full function again. With proper oral care at home, these dental crowns can last you for many years without needing to be replaced. Contact Dr. Genninger today to receive more information about CEREC same-day crowns in Tampa, FL, and schedule a consultation to restore your smile in just one visit!

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